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Welcome to Pathology Wiki.

This is a new and developing wiki with the aim of providing a quick reference to pathology.

The Basics Subspecialities


Breast Pathology a b c
Cardiovascular Pathology a b c
Dermatopathology a b c
Endocrine Pathology a b c
Female Reproductive Tract Pathology a b c
Gastrointestinal Pathology Oesophagus Stomach Small Intestine Appendix Large intestine Gallbladder Extra-hepatic Bile Ducts Liver Pancreas and Ampulla
Head and Neck Pathology a b c
Haematopathology a b c
Haematopathology a b c
Respiratory Pathology a b c
Male Reproductive Tract Pathology Prostate Seminal Vesicles Testis Spermatic Cord and Testicular Adnexa Penis and Scrotum
Mediastinal Pathology a b c
Neuropathology a b c
Osteoarticular and Rheumatological Pathology a b c
Paediatric Pathology a b c
Soft Tissue Pathology a b c
Uropathology Kidney Renal pelvis & Ureter Bladder Urethra

I am going to leave this here for the meantime.

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Getting started